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Automated Pumping Systems

Maximum-Strength Efficiency

GPS is the only comprehensive provider of fully automated APS surface pumping systems in the world. With Automated Pumping Systems from GPS, your business can reduce its environmental impact, maximize profits through continuous operation, and reduce field manpower requirements. You can manage your system from anywhere, with on-site touch screen controls and off-site controls with access to real-time streaming data.

Our customer-focused designs give your business greater flexibility, and 24-hour service gives you peace of mind. Plus, all our components are field repairable and/or replaceable, with a modular assembly that helps minimize field maintenance time, operational costs and the loss of profits due to downtime.

APS products and services include customized Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems, Submersible Centrifugal Pumps, Customized APS Control and Monitoring Software, and APS-related Surface Pumping Engineering services. Systems range from 15 to 1500 horsepower and are all "plug-and-play," assuring quick and trouble-free start-up, with considerably lower commissioning costs than the industry standard.

Key Features

Two-door PLC Panel

The two-door PLC panel provides an interface between instrumentation and automation. Custom-written software takes care of all your instrumentation needs.

Variable Speed Drives

VSDs are available from 15-1500HP, and are in conformance with the IEEE-519 power systems harmonics standard.

Control Valve

The automated control valve regulates flow in order to keep pump performance within the recommended operating range, per API standards.

For smoothly running oilfield operations and a system you can trust, choose an automated pumping system from GPS. Contact us today for more information. Click to download the GPS Automated Pumping System WMV Video, APS Spanish Video, HD in English or, HD in Spanish.