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We are a leading provider of custom switchboard designs for all voltage ranges that come with a long list of standard features for added safety and convenience. Optional features available include data loggers, backspin relay models, custom metering panels, and more.

Learn more about our switchboards and specifications.

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H2S Detection

Don’t take the risk of inhaling toxic H2S. H2S can be fatal as well as cause major explosions and fires. Breathe easy with a reliable, safe and precise H2S detector from GPS. Our detectors can be easily integrated into our your field automation systems to monitor levels and send alerts to avoid danger.


Pipeline Monitoring

Our Pipeline Monitoring System provides operators and landowners peace of mind, minimizing possibly catastrophic fluid spills by detecting when a rupture has occurred. Learn more about the peace of mind our monitoring system delivers.

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GPS Heat Trace System

The GPS Heat Trace System provides solutions to a large range of Industrial Markets. Designed primarily (but not exclusively) for the Oil and Gas Industry, the GPS Heat Trace System provides centralized Control and Monitoring for all of your Process Temperature Maintenance, Freeze Protection, and Winterization needs. 

Markets: Oil and Gas | Power Generation | Transport and Storage | (Petro) Chemical Industries

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Metering Panels

Externally mounted metering panel puts power at your fingertips. This allows the employee to check electrical output levels and keep them safe by eliminating the need to access the internal high voltage section of the switch board.

By reducing voltage and amperage the technician needs only a standard volt-ohm meter on location. Boasting an error margin of only plus or minus five percent, our dependable and accurate Metering Panel easily measures up to the highest safety and quality standards.

Contact us today and improve safety for your employees, with a Metering Panel from GPS.