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Pump/Motor Repair

We are a complete electric submersible pump company with the proven capability to maintain and test all ESP equipment. Our teardown, test, and cable repair facilities specialize in maintaining customer equipment and are fully equipped with:
  • Manual pump rebuild
  • Automated pump test
  • Manual motor rewind
  • Automated motor varnish
  • Motor stator press
  • Seal rebuild
  • Automated seal test


Cable Services

Plug into Reliability.

Connect with GPS for sale, reliable cable solutions. Faulty or domged cables can create catastrophic results — but when you link with GPS Cable Services, you can improve the safety, quality and performance of your electrical circuits.

GPS offers cable testing, fault locating, splicing and repair, both in our facility and in the field. Using a Hipot (High Potential) Test, we are able to find and repair any defects in your downhole cable.

Our in-shop testing includes Hipot, Steam Cleaning and Visual Inspection. Customer-owned motor leads can also be hipotted and pressure-tested,
upon request. Contact GPS about Cable Services today, and we'll ensure
that your cable are operating under the safest possible conditions, so you
can stay up and running with industry-standard protection.