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Standing Guard for Your Best Assets

Downhole equipment and repairs can be costly — in terms of both time and money. GPS Protectors add security and longer life to your investments, by incorporating leading-edge technology, high quality materials and superior product design.

Our Protectors are made with a Carbon Steel Head, Base, and Housing, and K500 Monel Shafting. Customers also have the option to select a Stainless Steel Head, Base, and Housing, with High Strength Iconel Shafting. You invest in the best for your equipment. Protect your investment with GPS.


Description Protectors Optional
Carbon Steel Head, Base, Housing, and
K500 Monel Shafting
SB = Single Bag X  
DB = Double Bag X  
L = Labyrinth X  
Stainless Steel Head, Base and Housing   X
High Strength Inconel Shafting   X