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Solutions that Go Beyond the Surface

GPS digs deep to find the best solutions — and the best ways to customize equipment for our customers. We offer a variety of leasing and well testing programs for various flow and production rates, using downhole equipment and a full line of deployable VSD trailers on the surface.

By employing variable frequency controllers or switchboards, GPS provides individual well testing for your unique needs. These accurate tests can determine true well productivity, and offer added benefits like well reservoir and field evaluation, as well as accurate pump sizing for optimal production and new applications.

Our comprehensive range of test equipment is suitable for 4 ½", 5 ½", and 7" casing. When possible, we also include the Informer Downhole Sensor, for constant (real-time)... well data measurements during testing.

At GPS, we go above and beyond to ensure that your equipment is working at optimum levels —above and below the surface.

Top-Grade Solutions for Downhole Testing

You’ve identified promising assets, and invested in the best pumps and equipment — but with your most valued investments buried deep below the Earth’s surface, how do you know your pumps are performing up to par? GPS makes testing your well convenient and cost-effective, with downhole solutions that go above and beyond the rest. We test on-site to make sure your system is operating at optimum levels, without requiring costly removal of your pump.

All downhole and surface products are tested to ensure only the most reliable, high quality equipment goes into your well. We pride ourselves on our quick equipment turnaround, and can usually have your equipment tested and repaired for next morning installation. From start to finish, we can provide you with all the services and equipment you need to solve downhole problems.

Contact us today to take advantage of our Well Testing services.

Optimize: Our Engineers offer an Advanced Well System Modeling Service

GPS offers a valuable engineering service modeling your oil well system based on complex expert system software that we fully developed and named MONEY: Multiphase Optimization Nexus Engineered for You. We’ve integrated over 100 formulas inside the processing Nexus, yet it produces just the results you need to optimize your oil production for wells with reasonable gas levels. The engineering report shows a producer how to optimize a target well system and the results are based on many grad level Petroleum Production Engineering math models integrated into one expert system by our SPE system and software engineers. You will want this technology applied to your well. These critical report outputs include:

  • Inflow Performance Rates in the wellbore intake due to downhole pressure gradients and fluid parameters
  • Tubing Performance Rates at ESP Discharge pressures based on a complex iterative multiphase methods that account for dynamic gas effects at ascending tubing analysis nodes.
  • A curve for required artificial lift to achieve calculated available wellhead flow rates accounting for multiphase effects and many system parameters.
  • Expected well head production for oil, gas, and brine
  • Model-based ESP sizing at the higher end of the range of available production flows. ESP selected optimally by model with best efficiency point meeting the well model’s flow specification.
  • We have many other characteristics of the well system calculated that we can provide in a detailed report along with the typical summary report format.

Contact us at Automation@GPS-US.co for an example MONEY well system modeling report or to start building your well’s optimization model today.