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Tank Level Control/SWD Optimization

  • Innovative changes to typical control methodology
  • Longer life of rotating components
  • Significant reduction in cost per 1k bbl transferred/injected
  • Minimal change to existing hardware
  • Allows for greater level of surveillance and troubleshooting


Flowback and Produced Water Recycling

  • Completely automated and integrated with customer owned billing and surveillance software
  • Optimized manpower requirement


Compressor Station Handshake/ Surveillance / Automation

  • Data Integrity/Transfer/Communication
  • Motor (ECM)/Compressor (Control Panel)/HMI Interface and Web Access Platform
  • Cost reduction – single source service provider


Customer Owned System Repair / Retrofit / Optimization

  • Maximize utilization of customer owned equipment regardless of manufacturer origin to reduce CAPEX impact (we speak most any programming language)
  • Load/function test electrical components in our facility


Predictive Analytics

  • Joint operation that has been able to develop predictive system enabling leaner operation for operators