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We design and deliver systems for the most demanding production environments.

Solids Management

We offers industry leading abrasion resistant (AR) stage coating, a full line of compression pumps, solids fall back prevention, downhole sand separators, and the revolutionary PAR valve.

Low Flow Rate

Our line of compression pumps allow for a wider and lower range of pumping scenarios.


Partner with us to effectively deploy our ESPs in deviated wells. Ask us about our trials in a reciprocating electric submersible pump that will eliminate rod induced tubing leaks and also about our permanent magnet motors that are more efficient and 3x shorter than traditional ESP motors


Integrate your chemical delivery through our advanced SCADA system or choose your combination of the stainless steel equipment options we provide. 

Gas Control

Talk to a GPS engineer today about our line of rotary gas separators, compression pump line, gas wedge artificial ESP sump, par valve, or the permanent magnet motor.

High Flow Rate

We consistently deliver ESPs producing rates of up to 45,000 BPD.  We manufacture single motors up to 780 HP.

High Temperature

We manufacture downhole motors that consistently run in environments up to 350 degrees. We are leading the way in new technology and one of the products we are close to delivering is our permanent magnet motor.

System Optimization

Learn how we have optimized the declining life of a well by transitioning optimally to the next form of artificial lift.

New Technology

Permanent Magnet Solutions

The PMESP® and PMPCP® systems are two submersible pumping solutions, specifically designed for artificially lifting oil or water from oil wells using a direct drive submersible permanent magnet electric motor.

  • PMESP® - Permanent Magnet Electric Submersible (Centrifugal) Pump System
  • PMPCP® - Permanent Magnet Profressing Cavity Pump system
  • Well Monitor - PMESP and PMPCP Permanent Gauge Systems