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Jet Pumping

Jet Pumping

Global Production Solutions Advanced Jet Pump System (A-Jet) delivers to our customers a single-Contractor solution for post-frac jet pump clean-up, water clean-up, water re-user, water disposal and long-term, high volume artificial lift using ESPs.

Designed for clean-up our A-Jet solution maximises the potential for success when we transition to ESP lift. Controlled by our proprietary, advanced custom automation system, including remote monitoring and data collection, we ensure your critical post-frac production phase is captured, logged and recorded as fully as you know you need.

Our newly-designed jet pump (patent-pending) is now 30% more efficient saving you more and is retrieved from deviated and horizontal wells just as easily as from straight, vertical, well bores: to retrieve simply reverse circulate the flow and pump the jet pump back to surface. No work over or wire line work is necessary.

Additionally, as an option, we expand the A-Jet to include an advanced permanent gauge system for additional well surveillance to this post-frac phase.