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Switch to GPS and put control in your hands.


Why settle for a standard solution when you can switch to GPS? GPS is a leading provider of custom Switchboard designs for all voltage ranges, as well as a full selection of standard switchboards, accommodating 600, 1500, 3600 and 5000 Volt AC.

We build top-of-the line switchboards to your exact specifications, with optional features like the Data Logger with Chart Logging Software, Backspin Relay Model, and the Modbus Module. Standard features include Rear Lockable Input and Output Junction Boxes, Safety Door Latches, and Removable Back and Bottom Panels for Equipment Mounting. Switchboards are available with a Recording Amp Meter or a self-powered Digital Amp Meter Amp Meter, which features a six-month memory and samples eight times per second.

Get in control of your assets with a switchboard from GPS.

See our Specifications below for more detailed information, or contact us today (link) to place your order.

Standard Features

  • Rear Lockable Input and Output Junction Boxes
  • Load Break Disconnect
  • Vacuum Contactor (Except 600 V SWB)
  • Rugged Oil Field 10-Gage NEMA 3R Enclosure (4xSS Enclosure Available)
  • Door Mounted Indicator Light (Red, Green, Amber)
  • Door Mounted HOA, Start Push Button and E-Stop
  • Four 1/4 turn Door Latches for Outer Door
  • Top Lifting Eyelets and Forklift Tubes for Bottom Lifting
  • Safety Door Latches
  • Stainless Steel Door Hardware
  • Removable Back and Bottom Panels for Equipment Mounting
  • Inner Door Safety Window for High Voltage Load Break Disconnect Viewing
  • Flanged Legs with Pre-drilled 1/2" holes for Concrete Mounting
  • Powder Coated Cabinets (Custom Colors Available)
  • All Control Wiring is connected to Terminal Strip for Easy Installation of a wide Variety of Motor Controllers
  • Multi-tap CTs Wired to Terminal Strip for Easy Configuration
  • Three Phase Monitoring Protection
  • Lockable Disconnect Handle
  • Circuit Breakers for Primary and Secondary Control Power
  • Separately Fused PTs
  • Multi-tap PTs for a Wide Voltage Range

Optional Features

  • Data Logger with Chart Logging Software
  • Backspin Relay Model
  • Backspin Probes (5000 V)
  • Custom Metering Panel (0-5000 VAC Input and 0-200 Amp Input) for Phase to Phase, Phase to Ground and Downhole Current
  • TVSS (Up to 5000 VAC)
  • Downhole Tool Interface Package
  • SCADA Radio Package
  • SCADA Antenna Mast Package

Switchboard Specifications

Model Voltage Rating Current Rating Dimensions
(W x D x H)
inch (mm)
GPS-600ACLS 600 VAC 100 Amps 32 x 21 x 68
787.4 x 533.4 x 1727.2)
400 lbs
(181.5 kg)
GPS-1500ACLS 1500 VAC 250 Amps 30.5 x 22.5 x 72
(774.7 x 571.5 x 1828.8)
480 lbs
(217.7 kg)
GPS-3600ACLS 3600 VAC 200 Amps 45 x 43 x 73
(1143.0 x 1092.2 x 1854.2)
1158 lbs
GPS-5000ACLS 5000 VAC 400 Amps 47 x 47 x 77
(1193.8 x 1193.8 x 1955.8)
1220 lbs
(553.4 kg)