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Motor Controllers With Display: Tornado F5, F3, F1

Motor Controllers With Display: Tornado F5, F3, F1

Industrial-Strength Benefits

For continuous protection, monitoring and control, you need a true powerhouse system. GPS carries the F-5, F-3 and F-1 Series Tornado Motor Controller with Display. Developed to easily replace the existing "Vortex," which is no longer supported, the Motor Controller with Display provides intelligent and advanced motor protection. This system uses surface-mount technology for maintenance-free reliability and longevity. Quick-release electrical connectors allow for problem-free connection and easy replacement of all system components.

The Motor Controller with Display monitors all three phases of incoming and outgoing voltage current for balance. It has two discrete and two analog inputs for over and under set points. The system is also designed to shut down the motor during adverse conditions, and automatically restarts the motor when the conditions become safe. With this valuable assistance, you can rest assured that your system is under control at all times.

Optional Units include the Display(F-5 and F-3) Units , which can be either used as permanently installed equipment, or plugged in as desired to check and/or set system operating parameters; the Backspin Relay and Probe (F-5); the Data Logger (F-5); and the Amper (F-3).

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Description F-5 F-3 F-1
  Manual Manual Manual
Display Parameters      
Three phase current X X X
Average Amps X X  
Current Unbalance(%) X X  
Three phase Voltage X X  
Average Voltage X X  
Voltage Unbalance(%) X X  
Phase Rotation X X  
Output Relay Status X X X
Control Switch Status X   X
Motor Backspin frequency and direction X    
Analog Loop(s) 2 2  
Time Until Restart X X X
Communication Disgnostics X X  
Time and Date Clock X    
Operator Data Variable X X X
Protection Alarms      
Overload X X X
True i2t X X X
Underload X X X
Current Unbalance X X  
Overvolts X X  
Undervolts X X  
Voltage Unbalance X X  
Rotation X X  
Control Wiring Fault X Rotation Alarm  
Auxiliary Input Switch 2 DI 2 DI  
Pressure Input Switch 2 DI 2 DI 1 DI
Maximum Starts X X X
Backspin X    
High Analog Loop Alarm X X  
Low Analog Loop Alarm X X  
Setup Features      
PC Access For Setup, graph trend X    
Setpoint For All Alarms X X X
Enable/Disable Each Alarm X X X
Log Each Alarm/Event X S/D's X
Restart/Lockout For Each Alarm X X X
Maximum Starts For Each Alarm X UL,OL X
Maximum Starts Grouped X X  
Restart Time Set For Each Alarm X UL,OL UL,DI 1
Start Bypass Delay For Each Alarm X UL,OL UL,DI 1
Time Delay For Each Alarm X X UL,DI 1
Adjustable Time Delay Curves X X X
Progressive Restart Feature X X X
Disable Manual Start Until Time-out X X X
Hand-Off-Auto switch through X X X
Lockout Reset From Display X   X
Lockout Reset From Switch Input X X  
Equipment Setup Routine X X X
Start Function For Input Switch X X  
Start Function For Analog Alarms X X  
Push-button Bypass For Input Switches External Wiring External Wiring  
Remote Monitoring and Control X X  
Historical Memory      
Last Shutdown Log X 5 3
Start Log X    
Last 200 Alarm Events X    
Time Stamp Events X    
Event Duration X    
Start Since Commissioning X X  
Run Hours Since Commissioning X X  
Run Time Since Last Start X X  
Down Time Since Last Stop X    
Restarts Allowed Display X X X
Time Count Down To Restart X X X
Remote Display - Amp Chart Monut X 5 X
Display Line(s) 4 1 1
Numeric Display   X X
Alphanumeric Display X    
Parameter Names Are Words X    
Keypad Button(s) Select And Edit 4 4 4
Quick Disconnect Mounting X X X
Allows Hot or Neutral Switching X X X
Expansion Input/Output Port On Display X X  
Expanded Memory For Real Time Trending X Amper Amper
Communication Port On Display X X  
Multiple Protocol Support X X  
CSA Approval(UL Recognized) X X PENDING
Electronic Boards Conformal Coated X X X