Control Systems are built to your specifications." />

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Distributed Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Systems

Distributed Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Systems

Make the Logical Choice with an optimized control system.

Become a master of systems engineering with a distributed Programmable Logic Control (PLC) System from GPS that is tailored to your needs. Programmable Logic Controllers allow oilfield, factory, and industrial operators to automate complex tasks and entire systems. They automate problem solving and alert operators to events when required. Our Control Systems are built to your specifications. Our advanced custom PLC software offers real-time monitoring of critical operating parameters, including data trending. Our team of electronics & control systems engineers includes a NASA controls PhD, and experts in analog & digital signal processing, microcontrollers, firmware, and oil & gas production.

We’re currently the only ESP provider offering automation for artificial lift or surface pumping, and customization sets us apart from automation-only providers. GPS is a true system integrator, and we’re ready to address your control system design and deployment needs.

Contact a GPS Representative to discuss your specifications, and we’ll target your business requirements with our sensing and optimized control software. GPS control systems engineering is the smart choice for optimally managing the details of your systems. Order your control system today.