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Saltwater Spill Prevention

Saltwater Spill Prevention

GPS Creates Automatic Savings for Oklahoma Company

The Problem

Natural gas collection produces salty water that requires careful management and disposal. An Oklahoma-based natural gas company producing large quantities of water approached GPS with a problem: they were spending excess capital to ensure proper disposal, and they needed a more efficient management system.

The Solution

Transporting water from gas wells to disposal wells is often done via trucks, risking air pollution and environmental spills; and even water moved through pipes is subject to hard-to-find leaks or ruptures. Because saltwater can damage vegetation and contaminate groundwater, it was important to consider a solution that would be as beneficial for the environment as it would for the Company’s bottom line. GPS provided a safe, reliable integrated solution by installing an Automated Produced Water Disposal System, complete with Automated Pumping Systems (APS) to improve efficiency, detect leaks, prevent spills, and optimize produced water disposal.

The new APS features automated valve control, which allows for longer run times with minimal downtime by ensuring centrifugal pumps operate within recommended windows. GPS also created and installed a full suite of automated alarms and shutdown controls; all integrated with APS systems for artificial lifting and water handling.

The end result was a fully-integrated, fully automated GPS Water Disposal System, which dramatically lowered waste expenses, improved efficiency, and reduced the number of disposal wells needed for the project.

Benefits of the New System

  • Enables Longer Run Times
  • Reduces Downtime
  • Includes Automated Controls For Valves, Alarms and Shutdown
  • Improves Overall Efficiency in Water Disposal
  • Fully Integrates All Components
  • Protects From Hazardous and Costly Spills
  • Reduces Number of Disposal Wells Required
  • Reduces Water Disposal Costs